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Bridging The Gap

Bridging the Gap is a program designed to help people in their transition out of a treatment facility. Alcoholics Anonymous offers volunteers to serve as Temporary Contacts to individuals to help familiarize them with AA in their local area, accompany them to meetings and introduce them to other recovering alcoholics. AA experience suggests that attending meetings regularly is critical to recovery and it is helpful to have an initial contact to acquaint newcomers to the fellowship.

In order to connect you with a local temporary contact, please send the following information below to treatment.aaemass1819@gmail.com:

Name (with last initial only):
Treatment Center Attended:
Phone Number:

We ask for your city in an effort to connect you with alcoholics who live and/or attend meetings in the same general area. You can also be connected with a temporary contact by calling AA Central Service in Boston at (617) 426-9444.

Here is a list of things that AA IS NOT and DOES NOT…
IS NOT a religious movement
IS NOT a temperance movement
IS NOT a social service organization (it has no paid social workers or professional field workers)
IS NOT an educational agency
IS NOT a cure or a “cure-all”
IS NOT an employment agency
DOES NOT solicit or accept funds from outside sources; voluntary contributions from members and groups support AA services
DOES NOT run hospitals, rest homes, clubhouses or any outside enterprises
DOES NOT prescribe treatment for alcoholics
DOES NOT pay for treatment for alcoholics

The sole purpose of AA is to help the alcoholic who wants to stop drinking to stay stopped.

District 18/19 Monthly Meetings

The 2nd Monday of every month at 7:00 pm via Zoom

Meeting ID: 503 682 627
Passcode: 811237

Replacing physical meetings at:
Living Hope Church of Nazarene
556 Cabot Street
Beverly MA

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