Treatment Facility Commitments


District 18/19 needs volunteers to help organize the numerous open commitment slots at several grateful local treatment and health care facilities. Visiting these facilities by Zoom or in person when allowed and carrying the message to those who are still struggling can be the most fulfilling work a sober alcoholic can do. Hearing a message of hope from those who are successfully recovering from your same disease can often be the final sigh of surrender to a new life.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Treatment Committee, or taking a leadership role, we need your help in:

  1. Contacting treatment facilities for information on:
    • when they have incoming commitments
    • how many of those slots are filled and by which groups
    • when they have openings.
  2. Reaching out to groups that may be willing to take a regularly scheduled commitment at a treatment facility
  3. Continuing to communicate with both treatment facilities and groups to ensure the commitments are being fulfilled.

Please send an email to if you can volunteer in this most special and important work.


Below is a list of all of the facilities that our District has worked with in the past. Districts 18 & 19 are not affiliated with any of these facilities, nor should this information be taken as promotion of these facilities or their services.

If you or your group is interested in committing to bring a meeting once a month to a facility, please send an email to and someone will help you with the following:

  • Understanding what each facility is like and what to expect upon arrival
  • What to expect at the meeting
  • Exchanging contact information with the facility
  • Handling any issues with the meetings and/or facilities
  • Visiting your group’s business meeting to answer questions about commitments

Current Treatment Facilities

  • Lahey Health Behavioral Services Danvers (CAB Danvers)
  • Leland Unit at Beverly Hospital
  • 7 East Inpatient Unit at Salem Hospital
  • Recovery Centers of America at Danvers
  • Brentwood Rehabilitation Centers & Healthcare Center in Danvers


 Correctional Facilities Commitments


District 18/19 is looking for AA members to join the Corrections Committee and be of services in some or all of the following ways:

  • Committee Members visit different AA groups to make announcements about corrections service opportunities and share corrections information and flyers.
  • Commitment Volunteers go through the Essex County Sheriff’s volunteer approval process, establish monthly commitments with correctional facilities, and facilitate monthly commitments.

There are very few AA members currently approved to do corrections commitments and next to no commitments currently being brought into the various facilities. The need is great in our local area!

If you are interested in being of service with the Corrections Committee or would like the Corrections Committee Chair to visit your group’s business meeting to share more information about this service work, please contact, Kerri M. at

Commitment Approval Process

All AA members interested in bringing commitments into a correctional facility are now required to go through the approval process outlined by the Essex County Sheriff’s office. Anyone who was approved prior to 2019 needs to get reapproved under the new process. All AA members are invited to apply but there is a requirement that applicants be off probation/parole a minimum of two years. The approval process entails the following:

  1. Filling out a volunteer application for a background check, getting the application notarized, and providing a front and back copy of your driver’s license.
  2. Once your paperwork is approved, the Essex County Sheriff’s office will give you a spot at a mandatory volunteer training. These trainings are offered once per month on the 3rd Monday from 7:00 AM-3:00 PM at the Sheriff’s training facility in Danvers. All social distancing protocols are strictly followed by the Sheriff’s office and they provide N95 masks.
  3. After you attend the training and are cleared to start attending commitments, the corrections committee chair will put you in touch with the appropriate facility contact and you will arrange directly with that facility the date and time of your commitment. Only women can take commitments to Women In Transition and only men can take commitments to The Farm.

Correctional Facilities

There are three correctional facilities to which AA members and groups in our District 18/19 take commitments. Those facilities are:

  • Women In Transition in Salisbury (Women only)
  • Essex County Pre-Release and Re-Entry Center (“The Farm”) in Lawrence (Men only)
  • Middleton Jail and House of Correction in Middleton

Download & Share the Corrections Flyer

Please help get the word out about corrections commitments by sharing this flyer with your home group and other meetings you attend!

Want to get involved in service??

Become a General Service Representative (GSR) for your home group. If your group doesn’t have a GSR this is a wonderful opportunity to see how A.A. works beyond the group level. Be your group’s liaison to the District, Area, Region and World.